You won’t be able to watch Friends the same way after hearing this theory.

Chandler is Sloth.

“I associate it to Chandler,” the poster’s theory began. “He doesn’t like his job but stays there for eight years, also being lazy in general.” This is true. Chandler does stay in his job (as a transponster??), which he hates all the way up to season nine of Friends when he finally quits.

He also routinely spends hours on his recliner alongside Joey. In his love life in the early seasons, he also often had a lazy approach to relationships – for instance, he stayed with Janice for a long time simply because he couldn’t be bothered breaking up with her.

Rachel is Greed.

Without a doubt, Rachel is the character the most synonymous with greed.

“She is introduced as the rich, materialistic girl,” the Redditor said, adding that the character continues with a ‘similar level of materialism throughout the show, like her love for shopping.”

Rachel is most motivated by money, as she was raised in a rich family, but her dad cut her off when she decided to not marry Barry. While Rachel eventually becomes far less greedy as the series unfolds, there are still glimmers of the old Rachel that come through, like when she admits she returns the gifts that Ross gave her when they were dating.

Phoebe is Lust. 

This is a bit of a stretch, as Phoebe’s character is so much more than just lust – but she is known for being open about her sexuality in the series.

“She is always going on dates with different people and often says sexual comments and kinky stuff,” the user wrote. “I know it’s debatable to give it to Joey, but she says a lot more lusty comments than Joey.”