You should be watching Mr & Mrs Smith on Prime Video for the on-screen chemistry alone.

When it comes to the plotline it slightly differs from the new-look Mr & Mrs Smith – in the movie, the two leads were actually hired to take a hit out on each other whereas, in the Prime Video series they’re working alongside each other to carry out the jobs at hand.

The Mr & Mrs Smith story has long been a fan favourite so viewers will no doubt be excited to see where this 2024 remake will take the concept. You can expect it to be much sleeker, more cerebral, comedically sharp and visually unique.

Who has been cast in the new Mr. and Mrs Smith series?

In the Golden Age of Television, everything hinges on the cast and quite frankly they’ve bloody nailed it with the Mr. and Mrs Smith series. 

Donald Glover has emerged as one of the most talented players in Hollywood ever since he debuted his series Atlanta which had a chokehold on millennial and Gen Z audiences across its four-season run. 

Playing alongside Glover is Maya Erskine who had a star-making run playing a young high-school student in the hilarious PEN15. Slinking into a more serious and sultry character here will be an interesting departure for her and will let audiences see another side to her incredible talent. 

Early reviews for the show have come in and critics are calling the chemistry between Glover and Erskine “intoxicating” – sorry, Brad and Angelina who?

Parker Posey stars in Mr & Mrs Smith. Image: Supplied.