You need to know Saltburn’s Barry Keoghan’s backstory.

Prior to her death, Keoghan and his brother Eric spent years in foster care, living in what the actor estimates to be around 13 homes in total. 

The brothers had a good experience and were thankfully kept together the entire time. 

“Every family was good to us… As a kid, you don’t know what’s happening. You get attached and then boom, you move over here,” the 31-year-old said.

“It’s a weird one. It’s only when you get older, you can look back and get a bit of perspective on it.”

Keoghan acknowledges his achievements, knowing that someone with his background could have gone in a much darker direction in life. 

“13 homes, you know? If that was on paper you’d kinda go ‘he’s destined to mess up’.”

The actor gives thanks to his grandmother, aunt and older sister, Gemma, for the way he turned out and his ultimate success. 

The three women shared one bedroom while they co-raised the boys after the death of their mother, with Gemma quitting her job to parent them full time, the Dublin Live reported.

It was around this time, when his life became more stable, that his interests in acting grew.

Speaking to GQ, Keoghan shared his initial interest stemmed from watching Marlon Brando, Paul Newman and James Dean.

“I was expressing… doing impressions, putting on accents for prank calls, going to the shops and becoming different characters each time,” he told the publication.