Why we’re obsessed with this woman’s pitch-perfect MAFS roasts on TikTok.

And look, they’re funny because… well, they’re true. So painfully, awkwardly true. Case in point:

“I want to look at Tanya,” the comedian says in one video, parodying the (ahem) experts choosing their matches. 

“She’s 32, she really wants to start a family ASAP, she’s been cheated on in the past so her self-confidence is very, very low. Call me crazy, but let’s match her up with Jock. 

“This is an exciting match because Jock’s a misogynistic prick. He doesn’t want children. He doesn’t want to settle down. He wants to live the bachelor lifestyle forever. He tends to say things like put a ‘muzzle on your woman’. So yeah, no, I think this will be good,” Katie deadpans.

Watch the full clip here: 

@katielamb929 How do they always get it so right?! 😍 #love #married #bride #groom #tv #show #reality #experts #experiment #australia #mafs ♬ original sound – Katie Lamb

This clip alone has amassed more than two million views and has received thousands of comments from fans of the show, who find the skits to be as much an insightful observation as a joke. Because, if we’re being honest, Married At First Sight has a habit of pairing up brides and grooms with zero chemistry, similar interests or goals. 

It’s almost like… they’re only on the show to stir drama?!

“I wouldn’t say I’m a ‘fan’ (of the show),” Katie told Yahoo Lifestyle. “More just addicted to the chaos!”

As for just how many people loved her now-viral impersonation?

“I was quite surprised with the reaction about this video,” the comedian confessed. “I think it’s got over 2.5 million views on TikTok and still counting.”

The commentary from Katie has spurred debate about who ‘Jock’ and ‘Tanya’ could be, but unless you’re living under a rock (no offence), it’s pretty clear that the pair she’s parodying are none other than this season’s Jack Dunkley and Tori Adams, who are absolutely 2024’s controversial couple.