Why Timothée Chalamet didn’t attend the Oscars party with Kylie Jenner.

The Kardashians are known for attending the after party, with both her sisters, Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, also there in 2024. 

They have all attended previously. 

When did Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet start dating? 

Rumours of the A-listers’ relationship began in April 2023 — and despite some fans feeling they were an unusual match, an insider said their love is pretty genuine,

“Friends are saying that Kylie really wants things to work with Timothée,” the source said. “She is happier than she has been in years.”

In January, a separate insider said that both of the stars’ inner circles approved of the relationship.

“On Kylie’s side, Kris [Jenner] and Kim [Kardashian] are especially supportive and think there’s so much potential,” they said. 

“His family also sees how happy she makes him. They’re definitely beyond the ‘just having fun’ point of the relationship. Everyone on both sides sees definite potential for something real here.”

Feature Image: Getty.

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