Who ends up together on Farmer Wants a Wife? All your finale spoilers in one place.

Farmer Dustin.

Between Sophie and Anna, Farmer Dustin had a tough decision to make. In the end, however, he chose Sophie, telling her he was “in love” with her and couldn’t wait to start a life with her “back on the land”.

“I am falling in love with you and it’s nice to hear you want to give us a chance and see what the future holds,” Sophie responded.

“This farmer found a wife!” Dustin said in the finale before giving Sophie a kiss.

During the episode, Dustin met with both Anna and Sophie’s families. Anna’s family, who are also from the country, gave Dustin their tick of approval, and during their final date Anna told Dustin she was “falling in love with him”.

However, things weren’t as smooth sailing with Sophie’s friends and family, who told the 26-year-old that they had concerns about the number of sacrifices she would be forced to make.

While his heart was set on Sophie, Dustin told Anna she “ticked every box” and he could “picture their future together” but his “heart is leading him another way”.

“I wish you guys a lot of happiness. It will take a little bit to process the emotion. I don’t know what the future holds but hopefully someone else will come by and I’ll find love again,” said Anna.

Whether or not they’re still together is yet to be confirmed, but So Dramatic! spoke to an insider who said the couple are endgame.