Which Married At First Sight couples are still together? An investigation.

While they were happily still dating while filming for the final reunion dinner, Ella told media outlets she hadn’t seen Mitch since then. 

According to the bride, he broke it off as soon as tabloids spotted Ella and Brent at the beach together… with Domenica. 

“It wasn’t straight away. He definitely started to drop off though and fizzle out. And it was probably about two months ago. Articles you know, hit the media and then yeah, he sort of just cut me off,” she told Fitzy & Wippa in May. 

The pair apparently haven’t spoken in months, and it looks like they intend on keeping it that way,

Are Daniel and Carolina still dating? Turns out, also no. 

Daniel and Carolina shook the season up when they dropped their partners to be together. 

While Carolina left Dion, Daniel and Jess had already basically ended things. 

It’s been quite a few months since we last saw them on our screens, and since then, it looks like the pair have moved in with one another. 

However, The Wash recently sparked chatter earlier this week, alleging that the pair had possibly called it quits.