Whatever happened to Essena O’Neill?

When signing off for the final time on the social media platform, Essena announced she was launching a blog called ‘letsbegamechangers’ to share raw content about her life which was free from follower and like counts. 

Despite bidding farewell, a week later she returned to Instagram allegedly asking followers for money to help pay her rent and put towards a book she never released — but apart from that momentary blip, Essena disappeared from our feeds for four years. 

Essena’s comeback.

In 2019, the Queenslander resurfaced on YouTuber Tiffany Ferguson’s channel.

In the 30-minute interview, Essena made the unexpected announcement that she was returning to Instagram and wanted her followers back. 

“I think as much as I can critique myself, there was something so special about what I had online and I just want it again,” she said.

When asked what she missed the most about the influencer world, she admitted it was the “insane pleasure of earning money like that” and said, “it’s a different life and a different whole f***ing world”.

Starting from scratch on a brand new account, Essena posted her first photo in four years writing, “So coming back online… I’m terrified.”

The grand return was short-lived. The once enviable ‘It Girl’ attracted just over 2,000 followers to her new account.