Whatever happened to Drew Seeley, the guy who sung for Zac Efron in High School Musical?

“Yeah, I mean, I did audition for it,” he said. “Any actor would have loved that role, but Zac did a great job. He was the right man for the job.”

He said that he “did get to do the tours”, so “everybody wins”.

After HSM, he sang on a bunch of Disney soundtracks and compilation albums, played a pop star in the 2008 film Another Cinderella Story alongside Selena Gomez and Jane Lynch, played the best Disney prince, Prince Eric, on Broadway and led a horror film.

But mostly, Seeley had an incredible flash-in-the-pan pop culture moment and then – probably helped by Efron contributing his own vocals to ‘Bet On It’ in the second film – dropped out of the (very intense) teen idol spotlight that catapulted him into the consciousness of girls everywhere.

Seeley released his debut album The Resolution in 2011 and went on to star in several made-for-TV-movies, as well as perform songs featured in them.

In 2013 he married TV host Amy Paffrath and they welcomed their first child in 2019.

But mostly, he’s made one of the great career pivots: to Hallmark (Hallmark-esque) Christmas rom-coms, with films that have titles like Write Before Christmas and Christmas Movie Magic.

In 2022, simply because he had no Christmas movie to share, he released a holiday song called ‘Piece of my Heart’, and in 2023, he not only starred in a movie called Our Christmas Wedding, but he also appeared as Jamie – that’s Colin Firth’s character – in a Beverly Hills’ live show of Love Actually.

If Disney ever plans a Christmas HSM spin-off (honestly, I’d be here for it), you know who to call.

Feature Image: Getty/Disney Channel.

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