‘What block?’ The tide is turning against Jennifer Lopez.

These claims were as much a part of Lopez’s brand as her fragrance empire, stunning fashion moments, iconic music videos and her penchant for shouting ‘the block!’ at any given moment.

For older generations, Lopez was not someone worth getting angry at. She is who she is. And there’s a reason that she still manages to get people worked up. 

Throughout it all, Lopez has continued to release chart-topping music, make box-office gold, win countless accolades, build a beauty empire, and all before she turns 55 later this year. 

She’s Jennifer-f**king-Lopez. 

But the mood has clearly shifted. Off the back of her album, movie and documentary, Lopez announced her first North American tour in five years, but had to cancel seven shows reportedly due to weak ticket sales.

She’s also rebranded the tour as a show dedicated to her entire discography rather than her latest album, which has failed to set the charts alight. The tour was initially called ‘This Is Me… Now’ tour but is now being branded the ‘This Is Me… Live | The Greatest Hits’ tour. 

Sadly for Jenny, this might be her now, but after almost 30 years of being in the public eye, her days on the Block have lost relevancy since becoming a multimillionaire. 

The public have evidently been… fooled by the rocks that she’s got. 

Feature Image: Getty. 

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