What are Japanese manicures and why are they taking over SNS nails?

Using a specific method, the finish is shiny, pearlescent and ‘clean’ looking — all without a single drop of nail polish.

No metal tools. No drilling or shaving. No solvents.

In a nutshell, it’s like a face mask for your nails. 


Wait. Are Japanese manicures and Japanese gel manicures different?

Yes! While traditional Japanese manicures are grounded in a natural ‘your nails but better’ vibe, Japanese gel manicures and all about embracing nail art, offering jazzy, three-dimensional effects and bold, vibrant colours.

So, what’s the difference between Japanese and gel manicures?

Japanese manicure vs gel manicure.

The difference compared to traditional gel nails? Japanese gel manicures use a specific Japanese-made polish created from 100 per cent gel. The colours are super pigmented, and perfect for nail designs or an all-over colour. The possibilities are endless.

While Japanese gel manicures are made thicker than traditional gel nails (but without the bulkiness), they’re also softer (meaning you can file them down without damaging the nail) and promise to last longer — usually around the six-week mark.

The application and removal process is generally the same as traditional gel manicures (e.g. it requires curing under UV lamps), however, because Japanese gel manicures are softer they’re meant to be easier to remove.