We’ve forgotten about the real queen of pop in Australia.

When she holds such a packed calendar of shows, they become accessible. While her shows sell out in minutes, you can almost guarantee a ticket, and know that you’ll find a safe space at a Pink performance. It’s an inclusive arena full of a beautiful mix of empty-nesters, queer folk, mums, young kids with their dads in tow… all of them finding special meaning in Pink’s message. 

No matter what stage of life you’re in, Pink’s battle cry — to be unapologetically you — resonates throughout the community.

And she puts on a bloody good performance time and time again. When speaking to 60 Minutes in 2023 about her process when developing productions, her passion for giving every concertgoer an experience they won’t forget was clear.

“I’m like, ‘If we had a flying carpet with drones, do you think that’s hackable? Could someone steal me?'” she shared of the kind of conversations she has with her team about taking her shows to the next level. 

“And the answer was, ‘yes, they probably could’, so I can’t do that. And then I was like, ‘Can I get shot out of a cannon?’

“When you’re performing and your one goal is ‘don’t die’ then you know you’re on to something.”

As a mum-of-two, she seems hell bent on showing her children (and the world) that powerful women can do it all. 

It’s her unbridled authenticity and rawness that we’ve fallen in love with — and it seems she loves us right back, with reports the superstar is “seriously considering moving her family to Australia”, a source told Us Weekly.