Welcome to Millennial Core, the new way for Gen Zs to make fun of you.

And the point of these videos isn’t necessarily to hurt Millennial feelings (although that’s not entirely a problem for the younger gen either).

I think Gen Z mostly just find Millennials annoying, and a little embarrassing.  

We should be past side parts, skinny jeans and self-deprecating humour by now say the Gen Zs. But Millennials have a grip on the things that were considered cool a decade ago – aka when half of Gen Z was still in diapers.

It also might have to do with us having a tiny bit of resentment as well. After all, it seems like it is always the youngest generation that gets the short end of the economic stick – and poked by it.

Yes, we’re all impacted by inflation. And no, it doesn’t look like Millennials or Gen Zs will buy a house anytime soon unless they finesse the art of crypto. And yes – this tanking post-recession job market and soaring student debt feels like just another thing that wants to steal our joy.

But it will be Gen Z clanging their pots and walking the streets to make real change.

Wait, what was I talking about?! 

Oh yeah. Why Gen Z loves to make fun of Millennials.

Look, it’s nothing personal. We actually have plenty in common with you lot, and, indeed, we couldn’t wait to be you all when we grew up.

But times have changed, and it’s time to embrace it.

Feature Image: TikTok @auntielisa, @liliannawilde.

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