We finally love Anne Hathaway again, she only had to change everything about herself.

Gone, almost in one almighty clean-out it seems, is the earnest and emotional actress who has been on our screens for almost 20 years, the anti-cool girl who favoured princess style dresses and who never attributed her fame to an accident. The poster child for fellow try-hards everywhere who are not afraid to let the intensity of their dreams always be on show.

Of course we all change with age, and living your life in the spotlight would force more life lessons into your path than the average person.

It could just be that in her 40s, Hathaway is embracing a new style and her thoughts on career and life have shifted and she communicates these changes in a different way. Perhaps all of these changes have happened in a vacuum for her, not fuelled by the glare of online threads who would happily rip her part if she steps out of line again.

But it could also be true that in this moment in time, when the lives and personalities of famous women are being scrutinised more so than ever before, that there is only one type of famous persona we are willing to flock to.

Dakota Johnson is more beloved than ever before thanks to her deadpan interview humour and the way she cheekily shrugs off any traditional line of celebrity questioning.

Sydney Sweeney is always quick to joke about her boobs and say that she’d rather be fixing one of her vintage cars than walking a red carpet.

Margot Robbie is seen as the laid-back, beach-loving woman whose series of Barbie-inspired outfits remind us that she always champions being a ‘girl’s girl’.