We asked 9 women about the small daily habits that changed their lives.

In the aftermath of the pandemic (yes, this still haunts me), and amidst the rising cost of living, I’ve dedicated this year to small daily habits.

Whether that be health, wellness or figuring out my finances, this is the year my ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ have never been so important.

And yes, it’s March, but that doesn’t mean that those small daily habits the majority of us committed to in January have become any less relevant. 

It’s a similar story for a lot of my friends — we’ve all collectively felt the burn that is burnout, and we are wanting to change our lives (not drastically) but make small changes that will help us cope with the mental load that is ✨2024✨.

But how exactly are we meant to live, laugh and learn in these conditions?

For me, it’s been holding myself accountable to pilates, reducing my caffeine intake, falling asleep by 10pm (I was hugely influenced by the Diary of a CEO podcast) and going for early morning walks on the beach. 

Image: Supplied.