We asked 9 busy mums to tell us their favourite quick exercise.

“I’m pretty sure getting kids dressed counts as cardio.” – Yvette.

2. At-home Pilates.

“I’ll do a 20-minute YouTube Pilates class while my one-year-old climbs all over me.” – Gemma.

3. Swimming.

“I like to do a late swim with my child after dinner. It saves me bathing her at home. I take her PJ’s to the pool, and I get to have a bit of a splash around.” – Sunny.

4. Cycling.

“Riding my bike to work! It’s 10km each way, there are a couple of great hill climbs and it’s a commute I obviously need to do, anyway. If I’m running late from school drop off/to school pick up, it’s a great cardio sesh!” – Pip.

5. Walking.

“My exercise of choice is walking home from work. I also do a 6am walk in the morning.” – Jess.

“I walk everywhere possible in my daily routine.” – Amy.

“I like to walk wherever possible.” – Belinda.

6. At-home HIIT workout.

“I usually do a garage workout while the small one sleeps (the bigger one gets iPad time with me in the garage).” – Hayley. 

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How do you make time to workout? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Canva.