We asked 20 women exactly how much they spend on clothes each month.

To get a better understanding, we asked 20 women in our Mamamia community to anonymously share how much they spend on clothes, and why. Here’s what they said.

1. “Somewhere around the $300 mark. I honestly just love clothes, and between looking for plus size ranges and trying to shop at ethical and sustainable small businesses, sh*t gets pricey.” 

2. “I probably spend between $50-$250 a month. I spend most of my money at SWOP, a clothing exchange store in Newtown, Sydney, that sells a lot of secondhand designer items for cheap. I’ve gotten some things from Lisa Says Gah and Poppy Lissiman there, so in that sense, I’m saving?”

3. “Most months $0. But I spend maybe $300 per year.”

4. “I haven’t actually bought any clothing in about five months! I used to buy $200 worth of clothes or shoes or accessories with every pay cheque but I’m trying to save like crazy so I can visit my parents who live overseas within the next few months. Plus, I am moving house and I don’t want to be stressed about finances!”

5. “Mine varies a lot according to my banking stats – sometimes $200, sometimes $100 and some months, nothing.”

6. “$50-$100. I have definitely spent more in the past while shopping at ethical local brands (which understandably aren’t cheap) but these days I exclusively shop at thrift stores while I try and save some money!” 

7. “$50, maybe? I have moved to op-shopping.” 

Image: Mamamia.