Wait, why does everyone suddenly have veneers?

When it comes to how natural-looking veneers should look, Dr Docherty said generally speaking, “the edges of the veneers should not touch the lower lip. The edges of the veneers should also not be flat – when they line up, they shouldn’t be flat from your front to your side teeth. The curve needs to match the lower lip. This is called the ‘smile arc’, and it’s very important!”

“There should also be little spaces between the very edges of the teeth – there shouldn’t be square edges all lined up with no gaps.”

While it’s a completely personal preference, if you want natural-looking teeth (again, each to their own!), the smile shouldn’t be too white.

“You can go for a low level of bleach, that looks like you’ve had teeth whitening. But if you go any more, then they look fake. There’s also the technique of adding some surface to the teeth, so it’s not glassy smooth.”

If you’re wondering what the cost of veneers is like in Australia, Dr Docherty said you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $3,500 per tooth. 

So, again, make sure you do your research. Bigger, straight and whiter doesn’t always mean better…

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