Wait, what’s going on with Princess Mary and Prince Frederik of Denmark?

Soon after, Genoveva offered a strong denial, saying she only accompanied Frederik after a mutual acquaintance pulled out of attending the exhibition after getting sick and Frederik asked her to go in their place. She is reportedly an art expert.

“I flatly deny the statements that suggest a romantic relationship between Prince Frederik and me,” she told another Spanish magazine, Hola!

“Any statement of this type is not only completely untrue but also distorts the facts in a malicious manner.

“This is already in the hands of my lawyers, who will take care of the pertinent steps to protect my right to honour, truth and privacy.”

Meanwhile, the Danish Royal Family’s press team shared a statement that was more classically royal.

“We have maintained a policy for years of not commenting or confirming any details related to private matters. In addition, we would like to emphasise our commitment to respecting the privacy of members of the Royal Family, including the Crown Prince,” the statement read.

Nothing they said could’ve stopped all eyes being on Princess Mary during the couple’s next royal engagement.

No matter how it went down, this was already primed to become a ‘woman scorned’ story. After the event, reports labelled her ‘composed’ but said that at times she sported ‘pursed lips’. Then every tabloid landed on the phrase ‘brave face’.