VIRGINIA TRIOLI: ‘I was told it was brave to go back on TV at my age.’

Listen: Mamamia Out Loud talks about “Is the Act of Ageing Offensive”?. Post continue after podcast.

The paradoxes are everywhere: I doubt we have ever had in Australia as high a proportion of women on TV who are over 50 as we do now: Annabel Crabb, Jennifer Keyte, Liz Hayes, Sarah Ferguson, Sandra Sully, Natalie Barr, Laura Tingle, Julia Morris. But also I’ve never seen an Oscars red carpet as young (or as thin) as the one this year: older women were scant, and it made me worry for the longevity of the younger women stars of now: will their time be deemed over way before it should be? 

The one ray of hope? The only two female nominees over 60, Jodie Foster and Annette Benning, weren’t the usual age-denying Hollywood types. More reasons to love them.

Madonna, the chief sorceress of anti-aging black magic, once claimed that the most controversial thing she’s ever done is to stick around. 

Perhaps I need to listen to her and get comfortable living in the paradox of acceptance and resistance. It’s a small price to pay for the privilege, and provocation, of sticking around.

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