Travis Kelce just told us what he really thought of his Australian date with Taylor Swift.

But despite what was most likely an overwhelming experience — even for someone with Swift’s star power — the couple found a few moments of peace during their time at the zoo.

“I tell you what though the kangaroos were pretty sweet, got to see a red panda up close and personal,” he said. “It’s like a friendly raccoon.”

“Saw a tiger sitting up in a tree house, that sh*t was f**king sweet, ain’t gonna lie,” he continued. 

“Saw a lion close up. Dude, when you hear that, cause Taylor took the picture, [roar] you’re just like, ‘Oh my gosh,’ let alone one, you see three of them run down from their rock, their perch, knowing they’re about to get fed and you see how fast and agile that thing is, dude it’s over.”

“It was fun,” he said. “That was a fun one and then we got to enjoy the Taylor Swift show.”

Kelce, who attended Swift’s first out of four shows in Sydney, compared the city to Miami.

“Sydney was a beautiful city,” he said. 

“The layout was very similar, I want to say to Miami, but it has a lot of intercoastal and it was cool to see the layout of the land over there, let alone the zoo and seeing all the exotic animals over there. It was fun, man.”

Feature Image: Instagram/@ritaora/Getty.

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