Travis Fimmel was working out in a Melbourne gym when his life changed forever.

Four seasons later, Hirst admitted that Fimmel’s final scene was hard to watch, as both a fan and a friend.

“When I saw it I wept, knowing that this was the end of a journey that Ragnar and I and Travis and I had been on.”

But for Fimmel, it was onward and upward. We should also note that at this point we realised he was probably the most down-to-earth actor around, with ambitions to save his hard-earned pennies to buy a farm back home in Oz – a dream he’s still working on.

“I’ve got Aussie country pride for sure. I just like where I grew up. I think you’ve got lots in common with the people who grew up the same as you,” he told Interview, admitting that he’s yet to make enough money to buy land back home near Echuca where he grew up.

“I want a big farm,” he said. “I had a two-year plan that went to a four-year plan that went to a six-year plan. I’ve been trying to do this for 16 years or something now. Plans never really turn out. I’ll get a certain amount of money then I’ll go.”

So, could Fimmel’s latest projects be his last? Quite possibly, given he’s worth around $20 million.

Last year, he starred in Black Snow, a six-part murder mystery in which he played cold-case detective James Cormack. Set and filmed in tropical Far North Queensland, his character was tasked with solving the murder of Indigenous schoolgirl Isabel Baker, who was killed on the night of her formal 25 years earlier.