Three Women on Stan is based on a best-selling book, and is now an unmissable new series.

The TV series takes the stories and names from the book and fleshes them out across the show’s run to tell three very different and intricate tales, all featuring women who find themselves at some sort of crossroads in their lives. 

Glow star Betty Gilpin plays Lina, a devout stay-at-home mum who is suffering from debilitating endometriosis and fibromyalgia pain but has yet to find little relief or assistance from the doctors she has visited. After meeting writer Gia in a women’s group, Lina reveals that she has given her physically non-affectionate husband an ultimatum when it comes to their relationship, while also embarking on an affair. 

Gabrielle Creevy gives a compelling performance as Maggie, a young working-class women in North Dakota. Six years earlier she was in a sexual relationship with her (quite disturbing) high school teacher (played by Jason Ralph) and after he is honoured with a Teacher of the Year award, Maggie decides to tell the authorities exactly what happened between them.

Jurassic World: Dominion star DeWanda Wise is captivating as the almost otherworldly business owner and caterer Sloane, whose relationship on paper with her husband (Blair Underwood) seems sexually adventurous, but as the series goes on, we begin to see the true complexities of it. 

Three Women contains all the elements that made the book such a captivating read, deep diving into these three very different stories and exploring a range of issues in a nuanced and emotional way. 

But what Taddeo has been able to achieve by turning her book into a series stands alone as its own piece of storytelling. Through this fictionalised version of her work, she has expanded these characters and their worlds, building on the book that debuted at number one on The New York Times bestseller and turning it into something new.