‘This stuff is magic’: 8 women on the hair products and hacks that tame humidity frizz.

Anyone else’s frizzy, disobedient hair messing with their hot girl summer? Welcome.

Because thanks to the higher humidity levels, many of us have found ourselves¬†sitting firmly in a fluffy, unmanageable mess of hair that Just. Won’t. Behave.

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The good news? There are a heap of seriously great products out there to help smooth and tame your hair, and get things back under control.

So, whether you’re dealing with that right now, or know that your hair will become frizzy as it gets warmer, we asked eight women to share the products and hacks that actually tame their hair.¬†

Here’s what they shared.


“When it gets warm, I could actually give Hagrid a run for his money. I’ve tried so many things over the years to tame my frizzy hair. One of the best finds I’ve made is using the Ghd Straight On Straight and Smooth Spray. I spray it on my hair when it’s damp and work section by section when drying – and I find everything ends up smoother. It’s honestly the best heat protection spray for de-frizzing!