This song will alleviate your anxiety in 30 seconds.

Participants in the research were asked to solve challenging puzzles while they listened to 10 different songs. The research found that ‘Weightless’ outperformed any other song assessed, and reduced stress and anxiety levels by a fairly sizable 65 per cent.

They also found that the people who listened to the calming track had slower heart rates and lower blood pressure. 

Why does ‘Weightless’ alleviate stress and anxiety? 

We’re so glad you asked.

As mentioned before, Marconi Union crafted the song to be relaxing on purpose – they had experts helping them calibrate the arrangement of the music in such a way as to trigger a deep relaxation in its listeners.

How so? Well, it’s a science thing. 

The song starts at 60 beats per minute, to mirror the average resting heart rate for an adult, and gradually drops to 50 beats per minute, guiding the listener’s heart rate to sync up with the music and slow down.

The tune also uses a nifty little technique called ‘entrainment’, which aligns the listener’s brainwaves with the song’s lower frequencies. Paired with the chilled-out tempo, and soft, soothing sounds like chimes and chants, this also helps encourage the heart rate to sync with the music, sparking up activity in the brain’s reward system and delivering feelings of calm and wellbeing.


So the next time stress has got you in its grip, perhaps play this tune ‘Weightless’ and see how you feel afterwards – you might just find you feel a bit better.

Feature Image: Getty/Mamamia.

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