This is why Lizzo has quit music.

Lizzo stitched a video on TikTok from a creator who said, “Weight loss comes with the territory, but I’m not trying to escape fatness.”

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Lizzo agreed with the statement, saying, “Heavy on the ‘not trying to escape fatness.’ Heavy f**king on it.”

“I have a very high-performance job,” she continued. “For 90 minutes a night, I have to do choreography, I have to sing, I have to dance, I have to rap, and I have to play the flute. And I have to emote and hype a crowd in very tight clothes, sometimes clothes where it restricts my breathing.

“It’s fun. I love my job. It takes a lot of physical endurance to do what I do, and I used to be very rockstar lifestyle, used to throw myself around on the stage,” she added. “As I got more professional in my career, I started to take the physical part more seriously. I’ve always loved moving my body, I’ve always loved working out.”

She added that despite caring about her health, she has never wanted to be thin.

“I’m not trying to be thin, I don’t ever want to be thin,” Lizzo said. “Will my body fluctuate from this size? Will I get a little smaller depending on some of the choices I make, or a little bigger depending on some of the choices I make in my life? Yes. I’m used to fluctuating.”

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