This groom’s vows were so ‘unforgivable’, millions of people are demanding his bride leaves him.

Another day, another groom completely embarrassing himself with his wedding vows. 

Or rather, his lack thereof. 

In footage which has now been viewed millions of times, the groom in question, Cody, thought it would be appropriate to reach the end of the aisle, stand in front of the bride, and say, “I promise to smack that a** every chance I get.”

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Yes, really. 

Cody then proudly followed that up with an enthusiastic “booyah”, before looking at his partner in the eyes and admitting, “That’s all I got.”

Even the officiant got involved, and asked — in a less than impressed tone — “Is that it?”. 

It was at that moment someone can be heard saying, “Come on, Cody”, giving the impression that this isn’t the first time Cody has publicly humiliated himself with his antics. 

The officiant, who clearly wasn’t being paid enough, gave Cody one more chance, asking him, “Are you sure?”

Now, if we were Cody, well firstly we wouldn’t be in this position. But if we were, then we’d have improvised and made up our vows on the spot. Suuuuurely it’s not that difficult to say a few heartfelt words about the woman you’re marrying?