These TV shows will replace your friends.

There’s something so comforting about watching real, complex female relationships play out on the screen. Especially when you’re at home, by yourself, no distractions, wearing your comfiest trackies, nursing a pizza or a tub of ice cream.

In a recent episode of The Spill, hosts Laura Brodnik and Charlie Begg opened up an interesting conversation about why female-led shows with strong storylines centred around the intricacies of friendship are so beloved. Borne out of frustration from seeing one too many TV series where female characters are completely two-dimensional or meet a gruesome demise, we’re collectively crying out for more shows that tell our stories — warts and all.

Listen to Laura and Charlie talk best-female-friends shows. Post continues below. 

Here are some of our favourite female-led shows about friendships — let’s watch them, celebrate them and keep hoping for more like them in the future.


The cast of Girls5eva. Image: Netflix.

“It was like this warm hug because it’s so rare that you see TV shows that are so centred on not just four female leads but their friendships. The warmth, the humour, the complexities of it. It just made me so happy and it’s not something we see very often.” — Laura