These Christmas movies aren’t actually Christmas movies, but they’ll scratch your festive itch.

Tenuous link to Christmas: Again, snow! And nothing screams Christmas like singing penguins. 

This one is for the kiddies (okay, adults too), and while some families might embrace Frozen this silly season, you can only listen to ‘Let It Go’ so many times before losing the plot completely.

This film features loads of iconic pop tunes from over the years, along with a cute plot about tiny penguin Mumble who can’t sing like the rest of his penguin community but can tap dance like no other.

Available to stream on Stan, Netflix and Binge.

Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Tenuous link to Christmas: Shopping. Enough said.

This is the perfect film to pop on after a day of shopping for presents. Isla Fisher plays Rebecca, a compulsive shopper heavily in debt who tricks her way into offering financial advice for a money magazine, and working for handsome boss Luke, played by eternal British hottie Hugh Dancy.

It’s a classic rom-com that ticks all the boxes: two charming leads with electric chemistry, set in New York City, and some actually hilarious moments thanks to Fisher’s comedy flare.

You’ll never pronounce the country ‘Finland’ the same again.

Available to stream on Disney Plus.

Feature image: Universal Pictures. 

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