There’s a reason you can’t recognise celebrities anymore. They’re using the ‘shiny object’ technique.

Interestingly, Dr Wall began to paint a very similar picture when it comes to celebrities’ abilities to ‘mask’ cosmetic procedures, telling me they use a variety of tricks “from changing their hair colour, doing different makeup looks, using filters – to distract from their cosmetic enhancements.”

“Celebrities are also strategic with the timing of their treatments, making sure they have enough downtime post-treatment to recover while planning their work around major events and making subtle tweaks to their appearance over time, rather than stepping out onto the red carpet with a brand new face,” Dr Wall said. 

Of course, it’s not just the celebrities. 

It’s something Dr Wall commonly sees in his clinic. Having cosmetic enhancements go undetected, he said, all comes down to timing. 

“My patients often say to me, ‘Can I go back to work tomorrow, or will people be able to tell? I don’t want people to know I’ve had this done.’ It’s why we’re really busy on Thursdays and Fridays — people want to have the weekend to lie low while they recover from their treatment,” he said. 

“For semi-invasive procedures like a thread lift or CO2 laser resurfacing, they’ll book their appointment late on Thursday night, then take the Friday and Monday off work so they can have a few days to recover without having to see anyone.”

And it paints a pretty questionable picture as to where we’re at with transparency around cosmetic procedures. 

Because when you look at Hollywood, we’re essentially drip-fed minor admissions of cosmetic enhancements, making celebrity influence and selective transparency quite controversial.