There’s a fatal flaw in this season of Married At First Sight but we’ve seen it time and time again.

However, this is Lucinda’s journey too — yet her entire experience has been underpinned by aiding Timothy’s emotional progress.

Lucinda spent the bulk of the early days of her experiment tiptoeing around her groom’s resistance to being emotionally vulnerable. She’s also consoled Timothy through the grieving process, having recently lost his father — a trauma he has clearly been in the grips of processing on the show.

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But like Cass, Lucinda has, for the most part, not been receiving the level of affection she requires — deserves — in a relationship.

“I don’t feel too desired,” she said during an earlier Commitment Ceremony, after the experts noted minimal progress in the couple establishing a romantic connection.

This week, we saw Lucinda and Timothy shared a sweet kiss — their first in front of the group — and it’s a moment viewers have celebrated. As the experiment’s most beloved couple, this reaction made sense, but it’s worth noting that the experiment is in its final stages and this couple has only… just kissed??

For Lucinda, who has asked for intimacy from the early days, this is hardly what she signed up for. 

The experts, too, have previously noted the pair’s previous lack of progress.