The worst movies and TV shows based on best-selling thriller books.

Where to begin with this one? This Gillian Flynn adaption came a year after Gone Girl, which means it had the daunting task of matching up to the author’s other screen adaption which happened to be a multiple Oscar-nominated film. 

But it had the ingredients of a stellar film. Charlize Theron was at the helm, playing Libby, the only family member left behind after her mother and sisters were murdered. In present day, Libby joins a true crime club who are re-investigating the case, convinced that Libby’s convicted brother was actually innocent. 

Sounds interesting, right? Well… yes, the book was gripping but the resulting film was surprisingly dull, plus the plot was convoluted and too hard to follow. 

The Girl on the Train

Emily Blunt in The Girl on the Train. Image: Universal Pictures.