The women on Love is Blind this season are problematic.

But this could be forgiven. After all, this show is about strangers forming bonds from the sight unseen safety of pods, then either falling in love and becoming engaged, or being brutally dumped for well… their personality. 

Embarrassment is inevitable. Putting yourself out there is embarrassing.

It’s Lydia’s ‘friendship’ with Aaliyah that gave me an instant ick. In every interaction, she is condescending and overbearing and gets way too involved in Aaliyah’s blossoming relationship with Uche. 

And then the penny drops.  

Lydia and Uche used to date, a fact they both kept secret from Aaliyah. It has since been confirmed by production that they instructed the pair to not tell anyone at the beginning, instead waiting for the right time to spill this series-topping tea.

This means that every time Lydia gives Aaliyah relationship advice, every time she blabbers in Aaliyah’s face “I see myself in you”, she potentially has ulterior motives. 

The scene where Lydia and Uche first reunite was played, and it became evident that Lydia is still invested in this relationship, even telling her ex “Do you want to start at zero?” suggesting they restart their relationship, an invitation which Uche declines. 

After Uche tells Aaliyah about his ex, Lydia makes the news worse by practically rubbing her prior relationship in her friend’s face. As Aaliyah expresses her hesitation about learning any details about their relationship, Lydia reels off facts about Uche’s dog, friends, and car, before confessing they slept together three months ago.