The TV shows and films Mia, Jessie and Holly loved in 2023.

This summer season isn’t just about catching up with family and friends, oh no. 

Really, it’s the perfect time to lay back, relax and rather catch up with the best TV and movies of 2023.

This year has given us an array of brilliant content, and lucky for us, a lot of it is available on popular streaming platforms. But with such a plethora comes the hard choice of what to actually watch.

What shows and films are worth your precious time? It’s a question Mia Freedman, Holly Wainwright and Jessie Stephens asked themselves.

So if you’re looking for a bit of viewing inspiration for the summer break, Mia, Jessie and Holly have put in the hours to bring you a beautifully collated list of reccos.

Listen to Holly, Jessie and Mia talk about the movies they loved this year.

Jessie Stephens’ recommendations.


Beef, Netflix.

“I loved Beef. It has Ali Wong and it’s about rage. It starts with a road rage incident between strangers and it basically sparks a feud. But it’s also about Asian rage and how there’s almost an expectation that your rage should be suppressed and you should be polite and be the ‘nice person’ who is pleasing everyone else,” says Jessie.

And Ali Wong’s character is the standout. 

“I think I was feeling particularly rageful when I watched it – I kept turning to people and saying ‘Don’t you find this rage relatable?!’ And they were like ‘I don’t think this is meant to be relatable…’ It’s dark and funny.”

Homeland, Disney Plus.

Jessie says she has spent the last few months diving into Homeland – and if you’re looking for a binge-able, multiple seasons show, this is one great option.