The true story behind ‘Con Girl’, the bizarre case of the 35-year-old woman who went to school.

Ultimately, when some hear about the scams Azzopardi has committed, they might feel as though these are ‘victimless crimes’ – no one was physically harmed, nor have large amounts of money been stolen. 

But as Davis has demonstrated in Finding Samantha, that is far from the case.

“It’s all really playing with people’s trust and emotions. These are crimes that play with your head – make you wonder who you can trust, who you can let into your life.”

Since these scams, Azzopardi has continued to re-offend.

She never speaks in court. She is always represented by a lawyer. And she always pleads guilty, says Davis. While reporting on this whole story, Davis says she believes Azzopardi herself reached out to her, pretending to be someone else.

“I started to get these very strange messages online from this young woman, and you hear them in the podcast. They’re really strange. And so I went deeper into that profile, and realised that it was a fake profile. In fact, the person I was probably talking to was the real Samantha. Not long after that, she arranged to meet me, but of course she never turned up for the meeting.” 

Davis says she has spoken via Facebook message with Azzopardi, saying Azzopardi comes across as “very vulnerable”. 

So what makes Azzopardi so compelling? What gets her to commit these cons so well? It’s a question Davis says we should look into more.