‘The Tourist’ on Stan star Danielle Macdonald promises us that season two is ‘genre-bending’.

Australian-produced TV shows are kind of in their era right now, yeah? 

Despite the little COVID-19 hiccup that stalled forward trajectory, the local film and TV industry has bounced back with gusto and the content is hot, hot, hot right now.

One show that made waves with its first season was the gritty and darkly acerbic Stan series The Tourist which starred Aussie actress Danielle Macdonald and Irish actor Jamie Dornan.

Released in January, 2022 this genre-bending six-part series followed a man (Dornan) who gets into a car accident in the Australian outback only to lose his memory before enlisting the help of a very green cop named Helen (Macdonald) to help him rediscover his identity. With critical acclaim and a slew of nominations, The Tourist became a bona fide hit and now we’ve got a second season to look forward to.

In an interview with one of the show’s leads, Mamamia sat down with Danielle Macdonald to get the tea on the upcoming season.

For anyone who has watched The Tourist season one you’ll be well aware that it’s a wild ride. In one sweeping episode you get caught up in a murder mystery before bouncing over to a love story for the ages before slapping your knee with laughter – it’s unique and sharp storytelling at its best. 

When quizzed about where this robust show will go in season two, we asked Macdonald what it was like working on a show that brings together so many genres in such an interesting way.

“I think that’s one of the things that appealed to me the most about it,” Macdonald told Mamamia. “When I read the script, I was like, ‘I don’t know what this is about, I want to know what happens next.’ I sat down and read the first four scripts in just one sitting, which is like four hours. I didn’t even get up to the bathroom or grab water or anything.