The story of how Cameron Diaz ‘left Hollywood’ wasn’t exactly true.

It’s been almost a decade since Cameron Diaz has acted. Once a staple of the silver screen, the actor shunned Hollywood in exchange for a simpler life with her family. 

But Cameron Diaz is back in a big way. She’s back in action for her new movie titled, err… Back in Action.

Diaz will star opposite Jamie Foxx in the upcoming Netflix action comedy, marking her first film since 2014. But according to rumours, Diaz didn’t have a good time filming the movie.

Watch Cameron Diaz give a tour of her fridge. Post continues after video.

Video via Instagram/@camerondiaz. 

For instance, Page Six wrote that the Hollywood star had “quit acting again” due to Jamie’s “on-set meltdown”. 

The actor has since addressed the rumour that Foxx’s behaviour resulted in her quitting acting for the second time.

“I really hate all of the things that were being said about our set at the time,” she said on Molly Sims’ Lipstick on the Rim podcast. 

“You just want to scream at the top of your lungs, like, ‘What are you talking about?'”

She dismissed the rumours that Foxx was “making everything miserable” which meant she would “never make another movie again.”

The Mask actor did admit there was one unexpected delay while filming. 

“That’s something that is not my place to speak about,” she said, referring to Foxx’s weeks-long hospitalization in April.