The story behind the viral ‘window’ video is better than your wildest dreams.

Now, we’re very happy to report that both sisters are A-okay with the video going viral, particularly the sister whose breasts were evidently on show. 

For a bit of back story on who the two sisters are, we have you covered.

The true story behind the viral window video.

The woman who was stuck behind the glass, Lisa Rowland, spoke on ITV’s This Morning on Friday, about what really happened.

She said she was out shopping but upon returning home realised she had lost her keys. An even bigger issue was pending though – she needed to go to the toilet. Badly.

So climbing through her front window with the help of her sister seemed to be the best option available. 

“This happened back in June. I had done the school run, taken the dog to the vet, and had gone shopping. I came home, realised the keys were inside,” she explained.

She then spotted the open window which was the “only option” to get back in so her sister gave her “a bunk up and just put her through the window”.

The two This Morning hosts asked Lisa what the moment was when she realised it was too far gone. She replied: “I think it was when the left one came out. I tried to put it back in, if you look I really tried but it didn’t work so then I just let go of everything! I weed myself, I weed around my neck, yeah it was dipping around my face.”

Lisa continued: “I was stuck, hanging like a bird. It was just over.”

Lisa and her sister sharing their story. Image: ITV.