The Stan Original Film Jones Family Christmas delivers festive spirit in a uniquely Aussie way.

And we have to say – Heather Mitchell as the matriarch trying to hold the family together amid all the chaos, is a joy to watch.

When Mitchell and I meet, we’re on the set in Victoria, sitting on white plastic chairs in a field dotted with yellow flowers. It’s only when you look a few metres to the right that you remember we’re on a set with dozens of crew, countless cameras, trucks and lighting equipment.

Mitchell was immediately interested in the role as soon as the script made its way to her.

“I haven’t done a Christmas movie before, and I also loved the feel of how intergenerational the plot was. It’s full of humour and love, and it’s about the complexity of families. How could I not want to take it on!” she says.

“I think family is the origin of all our relationships, whether it’s the family you’re born into or the family you create.”

This sentiment is crystal clear in Jones Family Christmas, and watching the community and Jones family come together amid challenging external circumstances is widely relatable. 

As Mitchell notes: “The bushfire in a way is a character itself, forcing everyone to come together despite their differences or their little irritations with one another.”

Heather Mitchell and Ella Scott Lynch. Image: Stan.