The Stan Original Documentary Revealed Danielle Laidley is an unmissable Australian story that demands to be heard.

Beginning in early childhood being born into a working-class suburb of Perth, to her career as a player and coach, the documentary captures Dani’s journey to understand her gender identity. 

“It’s with nervous anticipation that I share my story with Australia,” Danielle Laidley said about the documentary’s release. “This story won’t pull any punches; you’ll see me at my lowest points and at my highest, surrounded by those whom I care about most who stood by me through it all.” 

Danielle’s story is one that many LGBTQIA+ Australians can relate to, but it’s also a story that wholly belongs to the footballer-turned-trans-advocate.  

The documentary doesn’t shy away from the tough moments. One scene documents Dani recovering from breast implant surgery, she is seen suffering a lot of pain post-surgery, sending Dani’s mental health on a downward spiral. 

At the same time, it came out that members of the Victoria Police had a group chat where they shared Danielle’s photos, along with exchanging nasty and transphobic comments. 

This came out after Laidley was in police custody after being arrested for stalking in 2020 while in the grips of drug addiction.

The photos were shared by several media outlets which stole the ex-footballer’s right to choose when and how she shared her gender transition with family and friends.