The Spencer twins grew up in the shadow of Princess Diana’s death. This is their life now.

He left his second marriage to pursue an American TV reporter who had been sent to interview him. After 18 months, they broke up.

In 2001, Spencer married Karen Gordon, a Canadian philanthropist, the founder and chief executive of Whole Child International, a charity based in Los Angeles that works to improve the lot of orphaned, abandoned, or abused children.

Their daughter Lady Charlotte Diana Spencer, eight, is named in honour of Spencer’s sister.

“We hadn’t settled on a first name before the birth, but Charlotte is a name we both love, and it really suits her. We knew that as soon as we saw her. And though it’s been 15 years since Diana died, I still miss her every day and I wanted her commemorated in the naming of our daughter,” he told the Telegraph.

The Earl, Gordon and Lady Charlotte live on the family’s Althorp estate.

“It’s our family home, it’s beautiful. We would be very lucky to get married there, but Cape Town is where we grew up and there is a possibility that we might do it here, too,” Amelia told Tatler.

Wherever it is, there is bound to be much media interest — whether it’s desired or not.

This article was published on March 9, 2021 and has since been updated with new information.

Feature image: Getty.

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