The original supermodels epitomised perfection. Behind the glamour, they were treated horrifically.

Turlington also shared a story about being put in an uncomfortable position as a teen model.

At 17 years old, Christy did a shoot with late fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier. “After we finished the shoot, we took a portrait. I had these extensions in my hair, so it was this very long hair. We did a portrait where I was, like, covering [over her breasts with her hands]. The classic covering yourself,” she said.

The prolific photographer instructed her to “Put your arms down a little bit lower, a little bit lower,” she recalled. 

“Eventually, that [topless] image came out on the cover of PHOTO magazine… I definitely didn’t think it was for a cover of a magazine. I don’t think there was any age that you were supposed to be in order to have a nude picture. I don’t think there was anyone monitoring or regulating any of that.”

Cindy recalled an experience with Demarchelier which emotionally scarred her, where he had instructed that she cut her hair for a photoshoot in Rome, and even though she refused, her hair was cut without her consent by a stylist. 

“I was in shock, I just sat there at a hotel room in Rome crying. If people wonder why I haven’t cut my hair since then, that’s why,” she said. 

“I wasn’t seen as a person who had a voice in her own destiny.” 

In another moment, Campbell spoke about one time when an art director once touched her breasts without consent.

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