The Olsen twins did their first interview in years. These are the 4 things they didn’t say.

“We’re just private people,” said Mary-Kate. “We’ve done interviews our whole life and, no offence, but I don’t know how this conversation is going to go. So after years of that, you just choose to stop talking to people if it’s not going to translate.”

The crux of this, Mary-Kate said, is her frustration that their story is told “wrongly”, as well as the serious disservice of some of their most popular nicknames.

“There’s certain words,” she said. “Like referring to my sister and I as ‘the Olsen twins’ or ‘The Twins’ or ‘The Girls’. We’re 37 years old. We have had very interesting lives. We work together. We’re business partners. We’re sisters. I think that’s the first thing that comes to mind. How many other people are called ‘the girls’ when they’re designing? I think that’s where the disappointment comes from. And that’s why we feel like the product should just speak for itself.”

“I mean, at 18, we decided to go to school and see what the world had to offer, and we started a company together in 2006, and have been in business for almost 20 years,” shared Mary-Kate. 

“I think everyone knows that this industry is extremely, extremely difficult. And we started with just the two of us … One step at a time.”

Feature image: Getty.

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