‘The OG Sex and the City fans aren’t ready for my 2024 opinion.’

Watching SATC through a 2024 lens made me realise I adopted more from the show into my lifestyle than I care to admit.

Re-evaluating my situation, these are the qualities of Carrie I once thought were fun and quirky that I’m now sending back to 2004.

Being a hopeless romantic isn’t a cute quality.

There’s nothing wrong with liking romance. However, if it comes at the cost of your self-worth, then… we need to talk. 

Throughout the series, Carrie dates some problematic men. No judgement here, we have all been there many times. The issue isn’t dating these men, it’s using romance and love as an excuse to continue dating them and therefore leading you into uncomfortable situations where you’re constantly putting their needs and wants before your own. 

It’s extremely disappointing at the end of the series to see Mr Big end up with Carrie after taking her on an emotional rollercoaster for years. Every single time Carrie ended up back together with Big, a little piece of me broke. It made me think about all my past situationships and how much I would twist and contort myself to fit into the shape of a person who I wanted to be with.

Watching SATC when I was younger gave me hope that I’d eventually end up with the guy that I completely changed my entire being for. Now, I know better than to wait around for someone who hasn’t given me a single indication that they want me.

Your friends aren’t your free access to therapy.

If Carrie’s disbelief in therapy isn’t a red enough flag for you, using her friends as her personal diary is the icing on the cake.