The new movie Wonka is a magical adventure, except for one storyline.

The songs are cute and wholesome, albeit a tad forgettable at times, but it all leads up to Timothee’s rousing rendition of the classic song ‘Pure Imagination’ which is worth the wait. 

Yes, I cried. 

There’s a lot to love about this movie, which is sure to delight a younger demographic as it takes the viewers on drool-worthy journey through the mind of Wonka and his friends in the early days of his chocolate factory. 

Listen to a brutally honest review of Wonka on The Spill, with no spoilers. 

But there’s one scene in Wonka involving Keegan-Michael Key that’s leaving a bad taste in some viewer’s mouths.

A joke throughout is that Key’s corrupt cop character has been taking chocolate bribes from the chocolate cartel. As the movie unfolds, the size of Key’s character expands in weight until the final scene where he’s wearing a fat suit with facial prosthetics.  

Yep, there’s a fat suit gag in 2023. 

The fact that Key’s Chief of Police character is a bumbling fool only adds insult to injury. 

The fat suit in films has a long history of mocking, belittling, dehumanising and alienating fat people. 

From movies like Shallow Hal and Austin Powers to TV shows like Friends and New Girl, fat suits have been utilised for decades to turn fat people into a punchline. In these instances, the people wearing the fat suits are often waddling around like a caricature, being gawked at by onlookers, or in many instances being mocked.