The new Aussie family comedy that deserves a spot on your must-watch list.

Is it just me, or is finding a family movie you can all sit down and enjoy together harder than it should be in these days of on-demand entertainment and countless streaming platforms?

Maybe I’m showing my age, but sometimes I pine for the simple pleasures of visiting a video store, choosing a family comedy (looking at you, Caddyshack), and knowing everyone will get a laugh out of it. 

Okay, so I’m definitely showing my age, but the family movie struggle is real. Enter The Nut Farm — a seriously funny Aussie comedy that’s as charming as it is hilarious.

The film begins in San Francisco, where the endearing yet work-shy tech bro Brendan Brandon, played by Arj Barker, receives news that he’s inherited a macadamia nut farm in Cobweb, Australia. The news comes just as his latest cryptocurrency venture, Digi Dough, fails and Brendan decides to head to the farm in northern NSW and sell it to kick-start his next venture.

Watch: the official trailer for The Nut Farm here. Post continues after video.

Brendan’s Uncle Mitch, whom he’s only met once before, has been missing long enough to be presumed dead and he’s left the farm to Brendan. With the proviso that to sell the property, he first needs to bring in a 20-tonne harvest of macadamia nuts to prove his worth.