The moments in TV show Strife that actually happened in real life.

The Photoshop storyline from Strife did really happen, just not at Mamamia.

There is an episode in Strife where Eve publishes a series of unretouched images from a magazine shoot, and the woman in the images publicly calls the website out for sharing the pictures against her will.

This storyline is actually inspired by a very infamous exchange that took place between actress and showrunner Lena Dunham and women’s website Jezebel in 2014.

Lena Dunham was featured on the cover of Vogue‘s February issue and Jezebel offered $10,000 to anyone who could send them the un-retouched versions of the photos, which were taken by Annie Leibowitz. 

Jezebel wrote at the time that, “[Dunham’s] body is real. She is real. And as lovely as the Vogue pictures are, they’re probably not terribly real.” 

Just a few hours after this article went live, Jezebel obtained the unaltered photos of Lena and published them on their site.

Later, in an interview for Grantland, Lena Dunham commented on Jezebel publishing her photos, writing: “They made such a monumental error in their approach to feminism… It felt gross.”

She later told Slate France that this was not the story she wanted to come from her Vogue cover, saying: “I never felt bullied into anything; I felt really happy because they dressed me and styled me in a way that really reflects who I am… I haven’t been keeping track of all the reactions, but I know some people have been very angry about the cover and that confuses me a little. I don’t understand why, Photoshop or no, having a woman who is different than the typical Vogue cover girl, could be a bad thing.”