The last time Taylor Swift was in Australia with a boyfriend, the public had a different reaction.

Unlike Australia’s enthusiastic response to Kelce’s presence in our nation, the response to Taylor and Hiddleston uniting in Queensland was not met with the same positivity. 

At best, people were concerned the British actor was just a rebound, they were worried Taylor moved on too fast from Calvin, and speculated that Tom’s film career may never recover. 

At worst, some thought that Hiddleswift (as they became known as in the media) was a publicity stunt. 

Earlier that same month, people were left baffled when Hiddleston was photographed attending Swift’s Fourth of July beach party wearing an ‘I Heart TS’ singlet. 

No one knew what to make of this couple. They were deeply unserious. 

They weren’t endgame like Taylor and Travis are considered by many fans.

Instead, they were just… a bit cringe. 

2016 would spell the beginning of when the troubles began for Swift. She was already copping heat for her overexposure, her feud with Perry and her expanding ‘squad’ of supermodel friends. 

But then a few days after Taylor was spotted in Queensland, Kim Kardashian released an edited phone call that would set the world ablaze. But that’s a whole other story! 

Meanwhile, Taylor and Tom had officially split by September. 

Luckily for Taylor, Travis’ visit to Australia was embraced. Let’s just hope these two crazy kids stay together, or else we could have another Hiddleswift scenario on the horizon. 

Feature image: Getty. 

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