The Kate and William story The Crown probably won’t tell.

This part of the story also appears in royal editor Katie Nicholl’s book Kate: The Future Queen, confirmed by two of the Princess’ former tutors, and the general theme – that Carole “made calculated moves to place her daughter at the centre of William’s world” – is reiterated in new (and controversial) royal book Endgame, by royal author Omid Scobie.

At university, Kate and William were in the same dorm room and quickly became friends. In their second year, they moved into a shared flat and began dating soon after.

As we later learned, the couple briefly broke up in 2007, during which Brown claimed “Carole Middleton took charge” and instructed Kate on how to appear in public in a way that would keep William’s interest.

They were back together two months later.

Of course, whether this is all true or not, you cannot create chemistry out of no where — so Kate and Wills naturally have the biggest hand in creating the royal romance we know today.

The Crown has always stated it is “inspired” by real events, but is a fictional dramatisation of them. It’s a convenient line to explain away any discrepancies, and could also work to appease the royals if they included this part of the Kate and Wills mythos.

The palace has never confirmed or even entertained these theories — but it would make for entertainment TV, wouldn’t it? We’ll have to wait and see what version of events Netflix chooses when The Crown season six part two drops on December 14.

Featured Image: Netflix.

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