The fraught history of Taylor Swift’s girl gang.

That was the term given to everyone and anyone who Swift was seen with in her early- to mid-20s. She tried to shake the boy-crazed public image of her early years by embracing female friendship, in the process, establishing one of Hollywood’s most infamous inner circles.

People from all corners of entertainment, from Mariska Hargatay to Camila Cabello, appeared part of the crew. Soon, the ‘squad’ became THE Swift talking point. 

The squad never fully retired, but its overtness – the red carpet dates, the annual photo booth pics, even the joint Vogue covers – went away after a few years.

But in 2023, elements of it have returned. With a few pointed tweaks.

The early years of Swift’s friendships are often forgotten, which makes it seem like she masterminded herself into the overlord of all who look like, or quite literally are Victoria’s Secret models on a random day in 2013. Although to be fair, her waking up one day and plotting to become the gatekeeper for tall blonde women everywhere is a fun, albeit terrifying, thought.

In the early years, Swift’s public-facing friendships were mostly members of her band, her high school friends and other country-adjacent stars. Does anyone remember Kellie Pickler? No? Okay, moving on.

As her fame became more mainstream around 2008, and as she was dating the aforementioned Jo Bro, she met Nick Jonas’ then-girlfriend Selena Gomez. So, like it or not, the Jonas Brothers were culturally significant, if only because they helped establish one of millennial Hollywood’s most important friendships.